Weekly Productivity Roundup, the Back to School edition

It’s that time of year again. The distraction of gorgeous summer days is winding down, and it’s time to start settling in for a productive Autumn. Learning is the theme of the week here at RescueTime. Some of you are going back to school. If you aren’t, consider dusting off your skills or learning some new ones at Khan Academy, Codecademy, or Coursera. Learning new things can give you a fresh perspective, new ideas, and help you bust out of ruts that may be dragging you down.

Here are a few links we came across this week to get you motivated, whether you’re in a classroom or on your own.

INFOGRAPHIC: Can Twitter in the classroom help students get better grades?

Looks like trying to cram descriptions of your most mundane life moments into 140 characters promotes critical thinking skills, after all? A recent study suggests when used correctly, Tweeting as part of a curriculum can raise students GPA by at least half a point. #awesome!

5 Apps To Help You Swing Back Into Productivity Mode

Here’s a few apps that you might not have heard of that will help you keep up with your to-dos, track your finances, and help you get a good night’s rest.

Your Goals Are Holding You Back

“And so the biggest part of Step One is not to get better at doing, it’s to start doing.”

Kind of a long post here, but here’s a good read by Dan Shipper, a college junior and entrepreneur, discussing the important aspects of setting goals and creating habits. It’s spot on. If you’ve ever fallen into the cycle of repeatedly setting goals for yourself  only to look back a few weeks later and feel like you totally failed, this one is worth it.

I’m Zach Sims, and This Is How I Work

Another one from the “how I work” series on LifeHacker, giving insight into the tools and habits of successful entrepreneurs. This one is for Zach Sims, the cofounder of Codeacademy, a site that makes it easy to learn how to program.

The Top 12 Note Taking Apps for Getting Things Done in School

A list of apps to create lists! Whether you’re in class or in client meetings, here are some apps that can help you take notes and organize them for later.

Ok, that’s it. Have a productive week!

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