Weekly productivity links, the delegate like a boss edition

Ever feel like there’s so much going on that the only way to get everything done is to clone yourself? Well, you can’t do that yet (Get on the ball, science!), but often asking for help is the next best thing. Its easier than you might think to reach out for assistance with things that you either don’t know how to do, or simply don’t have room in your day for. Services like TaskRabbit and Indiegogo even make it easy to ask total strangers for help.

Here’s a few inspiring examples of how to TCB with the help and support of others.

How Barack Obama Gets Things Done

Offload your mundane daily tasks like a boss President. Here’s how Barack Obama maximizes his productivity. For instance, he avoids “decision fatigue” by letting others decide what he’s wearing and what he’s eating so he can keep his brain free for more important matters. For the record, if I had the White House chef at my disposal, I’d probably do the same thing.

Waiting In Line for iPhone 5, Some Are Just Doing Their Jobs

So, a new phone came out this week, and it was sort of a big deal. Maybe you heard about it? Instead of waiting in line, some not-so-diehard fanboys are paying someone else to camp out for them, then trading places at the last minute. I mean, we’re all for people making a smart use of their time and all, but doesn’t that kind of dampen the whole super-fan experience?

Fresh Ways To Fish For Better Ideas

Ever get a mental block at work? Ask for help!.Here’s a few strategies for asking others for help generating new ideas.

In Need of a New Heart, Ex-NFL Star Turns to Online Crowdfunding

Here’s a touching story of how an ex-NFL player is crowd-sourcing the funds to pay for a medical procedure that isn’t covered by his health insurance.

Meet Baxter: A Robot With Common Sense [VIDEO]

Sometimes, the right man for the job just happens to have an iPad for a face. Meet Baxter, the manufacturing robot that can safely work alongside humans. With the smarts to slow down when people get too close, he’s a sensible choice to offload all your “picking things up and moving them somewhere else” chores to. Oh, added bonus, you don’t need a protective cage to keep them from tearing you to pieces like some other industrial robots will.

Most Parents Keep Kids Calm With Mobile Devices [STUDY]

Sometimes you just have pass junior off to the tablet-nanny. More than half of parents with children ages 13 or under use mobile technology to calm their children, according to a recent study.

Too busy for college? No problem! [BAD IDEA]

When researching some links for this post, I actually came across a website you could pay to take your online college classes for you. I’m not linking to it because it’s such a clearly bad idea, but it goes to show you just how far one could delegate their life. You know, if you wanted to pay a bunch of money for college and actually not learn anything, that is.

Help Someone Else When You’re Having Trouble Getting Started

Sometimes one of the best ways to get motivated isn’t to ask for assistance, it’s to give it. If you’re going to procrastinate on something you should be doing, at least getting up and helping someone else out is a noble way to go about it.

Have a happy and productive week!

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