Tip: Use RescueTime alerts to block distracting websites when you need to focus!

Middle of last year we rolled out a feature allowing alerts to start a FocusTime session.  Not to brag much, but it is an awesome feature that you may want to try if you are a premium user.  Sometimes those distracting activities are too tempting, “what just happened on …“, and the thought of focusing with, “let me start FocusTime” doesn’t really cross your mind, or if it does it may be followed by, “in just a moment.”

Here are some alert recipes that will trigger after set periods of Very Distracting time, allowing yourself a moment while keeping strict about your own productivity goals.

Alert Recipe: Triggers 30 minute FocusTime session first thing of the day

Alert Recipe: 10 distracted minutes triggers a 15 minute FocusTime session

Alert Recipe: 20 distracted minutes triggers a 30 minute FocusTime session

Alert Recipe: 1 hour of distracted time triggers FocusTime session until midnight

You can start with these or create your own custom alerts that can even be set on a time filter of set hours/days that you want to be productive so they don’t trigger when you desire the enjoyment from these distractions, say the weekend.


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  1. FocusTime and alerts are really useful features, but I wish I had the option to set my own time and days when they are on.

    Currently my only option is Mon-Fri 6am-8pm, but I start working after 6am and I stop before 8pm. I cannot set a different time or excludes lunch time. I noticed I distract more before lunch, but the option for “morning” is valid for the whole week, so it triggers on the weekend, when I do not work.

    A lot people today work at home, like me, and use their computers for work and leisure. The options available today for alerts are clearly ignoring this use case.

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