Welcoming Belle B. Cooper to the RescueTeam!

belle_avatarWe’re excited to welcome Belle B. Cooper to the RescueTime crew. She’ll be joining us part-time as a content marketer and copywriter. You’ll be seeing her around the blog and she’ll be helping us generally improve the conversations we have with the RescueTime community.

If Belle’s name sounds familiar, it’s because she’s done some really awesome things. She’s been published all over the place, and has written a ton about productivity, freelancing, and thriving in the modern workplace. She’s also one half of Hello Code, a startup that, among other things, makes an awesome Quantified Self app called Exist that finds correlations between the data in all your fitness and productivity apps. (hint hint, check out the Exist integration with RescueTime ?).

We’ve been big fans of Belle’s writing for a while. In fact, as I was writing up the job description for this position, her name kept popping into my head as someone who would be a perfect fit. I reached out to her thinking there probably wasn’t much chance she’d be available, but might be able to refer someone. Turns out, the timing was just right, and we’re so happy to have her officially on board!

This is also a small milestone for us as a company, as Belle is the first person from outside the United States to join the team. Organizationally, it will be fun to figure out how that works. I’m really looking forward to learning how to work effectively across a 17-hour time difference. ?

Welcome, Belle!

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Robby Macdonell

CEO at RescueTime


  1. Why don’t you hire more support staff instead? I’ve been waiting 14 days for a reply to my support ticket!

    1. Really sorry about that! Our support queues got really backed up over the holiday break. I’ve just tracked down your ticket and responded as best I could. Once we recover from the holiday pile up, our response times should be much faster.

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