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How I use Trello, Zapier and RescueTime to keep track of what I’ve been doing


How (and why) to use Zapier and RescueTime to create a persistent record of your completed Trello cards.

A guide to burnout: what it is, and how to overcome it


It’s common to feel tired after a long day at work or to need a holiday after a month-long sprint to finish a new feature. But sadly it’s also common to feel tired all the time. To lack enthusiasm about your work. To feel cynical and disengaged from what you do. In this post I’ll explore what burnout is, what causes it, and how we can overcome it.

How to find focus in the modern workplace

With so many different types of work on my schedule every week, I find it hard to stick to one task until it’s done. Too often I pick up my phone or start browsing Facebook without even thinking about it. Before I know it, I’m struggling to even remember what I was doing before.

Standing desks increase productivity (but you have to do it right)


For anyone who’s slogged through a long, sloop-shouldered day at a desk, the dangers of sitting are intuitively easy to believe. Standing desks are becoming an iconic symbol of personal wellness in the workplace. However, it’s worth understanding the pros and cons of life on foot before throwing out the office chair.

Why we’re addicted to notifications

woman with phone

Why is so hard to turn off—and keep off—notifications? Why can’t we stop picking up our phones and checking social media, even when we know there’s nothing new to see? And what can we do to make a toned-down approach stick?

Meaningful work: what it is and how to achieve it


Since many of us spend the majority of our time at work, it pays to think about how we can improve the way our work makes us feel. With a little effort to craft our current jobs, and a little luck to find a boss who won’t undermine those efforts, we can increase how meaningful our work feels—and in the process, become more engaged in our work and improve our output.

How to take more effective notes


Whether you’re a student, you’re taking down notes during meetings, or you’re a regular at industry lectures and conferences, effective note-taking is a skill you could probably benefit from.

What makes us happy at work

computer on desk

What is it that makes us happy at work? And how can we make sure it happens more often?

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