RescueTime’s Firefox Add-on is Having Problems. Here’s How To Fix It.

Some of you may have run into issues installing RescueTime’s Firefox add-on over the last week. If you are using Firefox on MacOS or Linux, the add-on is required to accurately log web site time.

What happened?

Firefox disabled new installs of the RescueTime for Firefox add-on last week because it is incompatible with Firefox’s multiprocess architecture that they’ve been gradually rolling out this year.

The way we understood Firefox’s release timeline, the RescueTime add-on would continue to work in legacy mode without problems until November of 2017. While that still technically appears to be the case, we misunderstood the part of their timeline where they said they would stop allowing NEW installs of legacy add-ons starting with Firefox 53. That’s our fault. Sorry about that!

How to fix it

If you use Firefox on MacOS or Linux, and you have had trouble installing the original add-on, we’ve published a temporary add-on that will restore website logging for you.

Get the new add-on here


If you have the original add-on installed, you can go to ‘about:addons’ and disable it so it does not show up in the UI. You can re-enable it once we have an updated version in place.

For the new add-on to work, you will also need to be using the latest version of the RescueTime Desktop App. It should go out as an automatic update in the next few days, but you can download it yourself right now.

Get the latest version of the RescueTime Desktop App


If you are not already experiencing problems, then you probably do not need to do anything. If the main add-on is installed and working, it should continue to do so. You will be automatically upgraded to a future-compatible version once we have it ready.

If you have any trouble with the new add-on, let us know and we’ll be happy to assist!

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Robby Macdonell

CEO at RescueTime