RescueTime now supports Google Chrome for Windows

We have been floored by the amount of requests and feedback asking for URL resolution support for Google Chrome.  The adoption rate of Google Chrome and our user base has been pretty darn staggering.

After putting in some long hours last night, we have a version of RescueTime that supports Google Chrome for Windows.  The test cycle on this is a lot shorter than we generally like, but felt it important enough to get this feature into the hands of our users quickly.

As of now, you can update the Windows RescueTime Data Collector to version 1.0.7 by going to the system menu and selecting “Check for updates” or downloading the most recent installer from the RescueTime website.

Let us know if you run into any issues!

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  1. 1.0.7?! How did I get so far behind? I was using the “Check for Updates” fairly frequently, especially when I seemed to be having problems uploading data. It kept saying I was up to date. Even today. Good thing you mentioned what version it’s supposed to be, so I could compare it to the “about” page….

    Downloading now, installing soon….

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