RescueTime Google IO Hot Sauce #1 “Digitus Paternae”: Find Mark for Life Time Pro

To celebrate our foray into the mobile space, RescueTime will be serving up a few different hot sauces during Google IO.

First off the top shelf:

Find Mark (me) from RescueTime at IO and I’ll hook you up with a lifetime(*) subscription for your efforts. I’ll be tweeting (@wogg and RT @rescuetime) some hints of where I’m loitering for the interested. I won’t even nag you with marketing slime– I don’t know how to. You just need to have any active solo RescueTime account, and I can hook you up. Hint: the easy way is to just install the Android App. This promotion is effective immediately. I’m in the airport, in case you’re wondering. Cheers!

(*) our accountants hate us, so accept web Whatever.0 app reality that a lifetime = 5 years. At least it’s not in dog years!

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