RescueTime featured on today – Purchase a Solo Pro subscription for $21/yr (3 days only)

Hello RescueTimers!

For a limited time, we’re squashing the deal for a 1-year subscription to RescueTime Pro (normally $72/year) for ONLY $21! ($1.75/month!)

With RescueTime Pro you can…
  • Understand how much time you spend on the computer each day
  • Rank your productivity with specific sites and applications
  • Use the Android App to visualize your time spent on the phone with people
  • There’s a “Get Focused” feature to block distracting websites for a specified period of time so you can get work done (::cough Facebook cough::)
  • And see more detailed data about which documents and web pages you are spending the most time on Promotion for

-> Purchase Today


* Existing users wishing to add to their subscription will likely have to provide a coupon code to our Support Team to have this package added to your existing accounts once you’ve purchased through the AppSumo link.

** Free Trial users wishing to try the offer should cancel their trial and resign up through the AppSumo link.

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