RescueTime and Android Lollipop (system version 5)

Hello from our sometimes Android camp.

UPDATE 2015-01-11 Version 4.1.0 released today adds support for website tracking for users on Android 5. Here ceases the regular blog updates, since all major goals are reached!

UPDATE 2014-12-12 We released RescueTime for Android v 4.0.0 (app version not OS version) today. This release is a major rewrite we have been working on that we accelerated to get out the door in order to support Android 5. Everything looks like it is working well, though we are still working on website time tracking for Lollipop.

UPDATE 2014-12-03: We have successfully re-engineered the app to use the android.add.usage API Google has introduced. We hope to release this update soon, but it is going to be coupled with a major revision of the app including many other features. Stay tuned!

Previously posted:

Android Lollipop has introduced a totally new way to gather system statistics that we are assessing and implementing. The have also completely deprecated a system interface we were depending on to produce RescueTime statistics (read: rendered non-functional).

The upside is, in the future we may be able to improve our statistics. The downside is, that until we can get an update out the door, anyone who uses Android L (5) will cease to get app usage time from Android.

Sorry, and thanks for your patience!

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