OS X and Windows Data Collector updates

We have published updates to both the OS X (0.9.5) and Windows (0.9.8) Data Collectors.

New features –

  • By popular demand, RescueTime now has the ability to differentiate between Google “applications”. For instance: www.google.com/reader will now be considered different than www.google.com. We are doing this for the following Google sites:
    • google.com/reader
    • google.com/ig (iGoogle)
    • google.com/notebook
    • google.com/calendar
    • google.com/talk
    • google.com/analytics
  • We have added the ability to send updates from the application menu – “Send Update Now”

Fixes – OS X

  • Fixed error dialog that would appear when RescueTime.com was down for maintenance or other situations where there data collector timed out when communicating with the RescueTime.com servers
  • The Preferences dialog should now properly get focus and become active when opening from the System menu icon

Fixed – Windows

  • Fix to prevent log files larger than 500k from being generated.

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  1. Yes, but when will you add Flock support? I really want to use this tool but without Flock it’s only 1/2 a tool!

  2. Cool!

    I’m not sure if this is an issue on OS X, but I couldn’t care less about file size. Store 5 GB if it makes your life easier.

    Take Google Desktop Search as an example. Most people never realize it takes a couple Gigs to power.

  3. Hey!

    My update won’t install. Everything goes sort of well, then tells me to restart the app. Next thing I see is i should consult logs and contact you as there was an error. Help?!?

  4. “By popular demand, RescueTime now has the ability to differentiate between Google “applications”.”

    This is GREAT news.


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