New Features Pushed Tonite

We did a major push tonight that resulted in a scheduled downtime of a few hours.  Thanks for you patience!

End result of this push:

  • The manage tags PAGE is dead.  Long live tag management!  All tag management can now occur inline, rendering the tag management page pretty useless.  You can still get a handy list of untagged apps in the new/improved list view (note: you have to be logged in to see that).
  • We’ve made some back-end tweaks that theoretically should help with the big pile of new users who are signing up every day.  We’ve got more planned along these lines, so expect to see RescueTime get a bit faster and a bit more reliable in the coming weeks.  Thanks for your patience with our growing pains- we weren’t expecting to get such great coverage from great blogs like LifeHacker (twice!) and TechCrunch— it’s been a struggle to keep up.

We’ve got an exciting list of features that we’ll be releasing over the next few months.  As always, we welcome your suggestions and comments.

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Tony Wright

Currently: UI, web products, and web marketing freelancer and founder of Past: Director of Product Development at Jobster, owner/founder of Jobby (sold to Jobster), owner/founder of a 20ish person web consultancy (sold).