Coming soon – RescueTime Mobile!

(updated) We do not have an iOS/iPhone application in the development queue. We do not have the same level of access to iOS as Android.

(updated) Folks, RescueTime mobile is here– look for us on the Android marketplace!

We’ve been a bit quiet lately but I wanted to let you know why – The RescueTeam has been hard at work with the development of RescueTime Mobile! We will be looking for beta testers starting in early March to help us test. Our first launch platform will be Android.

Our goal is to bring the same level of detail usage logging for mobile devices that RescueTime currently provides on the OSX and Windows platforms.

Outside of RescueTime Mobile, we’ve recently pushed out a lot of behind the scenes changes. One of the changes was a complete rebuild of our search infrastructure which is providing 10-50x speed improvements in search related functionality (Search, ProjectTime, and Custom Reporting).

Keep your eyes peeled here to be one of the first RescueTime users to get their hands on RescueTime Mobile.

Stay Productive!

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  1. Great idea! I would like to be considered as a beta tester. As a new Android User (but long time RT user) my experiences could be helpful. Thanks. Nigel

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