New hardware added to RescueTime

Over the last few weeks RescueTime has added a large number of users. This is great and we welcome all the new (and returning) users, however we’ve been experiencing a bit more load than our servers have been able to handle at our peak times. This has resulted in a number of users seeing the dreaded RescueTime maintenance page. Tonight we added more hardware to handle the increased load which should alleviate the sporadic maintenance pages. We are monitoring the load closely and will add more hardware to keep up with the growth.

Thanks all!

Google Chrome 6 support

We are happy to announce that RescueTime now supports the current Beta versions of Google Chrome 6. You can download the update to RescueTime for Windows or Mac OS X

The main reason that RescueTime was not working with Google Chrome 6 is the removal of the “http://” protocol from the URL location bar. There is a lot of controversy around Google’s decision and it certainly caused us some headaches.

Regardless, we’ve found a way to work around it and all of you bleeding edge browser users should be back up and running!

GoDaddy disables with NO Warning!

Update: as of ~12:20 PM PST site access was restored.

We are not too pleased with GoDaddy right now.

We had the domain set to auto-renew every 2 years. The credit card they had on file was no longer valid (one of the frequent instances where banks randomly send out new credit cards and invalidate old ones to keep ahead fraud).

The amazing thing is that GoDaddy sent the notice that the billing failed at midnight last night. And then promptly parked the domain! No grace period.

All of the domains that we DON’T have set to auto-renew, GoDaddy bombards us with notices. No courtesy note saying, “hey, even though you have 15 domain names that you’ve paid for successfully, this one isn’t auto-renewing successfully– maybe use another card?”.
They just parked the domain.
Given this, I think it is MUCH safer to NOT auto-renew.

We’ve renewed the domain – and are waiting for GoDaddy to re-enable Apologies to folks who are being inconvenienced. All of your data is still there and while is down your tracking data is being stored locally on your computer and will be sent to our servers as soon as we are back up.

Thank you

Call for FocusedTime Beta Testers

[Update: We have completed Beta testing this feature. Thanks go out to all of the people who helped by providing bug reports and a lot of really good suggestions. We gave out a number of Solo Pro upgrades. Keep an eye on our blog post for upcoming opportunities to get yours!]

As Tony pointed out in last week’s blog post, we are getting ready to roll out a feature that allows people to voluntarily turn off some of the distracting portions of the internet.

We’re looking for some people that would be interested in beta testing to help us tune this feature.

If you are interested in participating you can download the beta version of RescueTime from:

RescueTime Beta Installer For OS X

RescueTime Beta Installer for Windows

Browsers Supported:

  • Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari for Windows – Opera support will come later
  • Safari, WebKit, Firefox, and Minefield for OS X

As an extra incentive, we will be giving out a limited number of Solo Pro upgrades to beta testers that provide us will exceptional feedback and bug reports on the new feature.  Send bug reports and feedback to:  team AT

RescueTime is looking for few good volunteers

RescueTime is looking for a few good volunteers to help us test out the next generation of the RescueTime installable client (version 2.0).

We expect there will be issues with the new RescueTime client and it will likely not work with all system configurations. We have done extensive testing internally and are ready to broaden our test base with a set of volunteers who don’t mind helping us out.

If you are interested in assisting in testing, head over to our GetSatisfaction forums

Features of RescueTime 2.0:

  • A simplified user interface – most settings will now be managed from the website, and for teams and businesses using RescueTime, settings can be shared account wide, greatly simplifying installation for a large number of users.
  • More accurate time recording – the new RescueTime client was built from the ground up with accuracy being our key objective. Network issues, non-responsive external applications, and other issues should no longer affect the time recording functionality of RescueTime.
  • More intelligent idle, sleep, and hibernation detection
  • Faster updates sent to your dashboard
  • A common code base between OS X and Windows – bug fixes and new features are much easier to implement
  • Enhancements for enterprise wide deployments, silent installation with response files and the ability to pass configuration information at the command line
  • Automated background updates – allow uninterrupted updates of the RescueTime client so you don’t lose any of your productive time

Specific Features of RescueTime 2.0 for OS X:

  • RescueTime should now use significantly less CPU and use slightly less memory than the 1.0 client version

Specific Features of RescueTime 2.0 for Windows:

  • RescueTime no longer depends on the Microsoft .Net 2.0 framework – which means a much simpler installation process especially in the enterprise environment
  • Support for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers

RescueTime now supports Google Chrome for Windows

We have been floored by the amount of requests and feedback asking for URL resolution support for Google Chrome.  The adoption rate of Google Chrome and our user base has been pretty darn staggering.

After putting in some long hours last night, we have a version of RescueTime that supports Google Chrome for Windows.  The test cycle on this is a lot shorter than we generally like, but felt it important enough to get this feature into the hands of our users quickly.

As of now, you can update the Windows RescueTime Data Collector to version 1.0.7 by going to the system menu and selecting “Check for updates” or downloading the most recent installer from the RescueTime website.

Let us know if you run into any issues!

New Mac and Windows Data Collectors – 1.0.0

We’re excited to announce the 1.0.0 version of our Mac and Windows data collectors.

In addition to numerous bug fixes we have added some really cool features surrounding privacy and security.

Secure Transfer of your data

By default, RescueTime will now send data using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This means your data is encrypted before it is sent over the internet to the RescueTime servers. This is an option that can be disabled if needed, in case of issues with firewalls and/or proxy servers.

Website Whitelists

This optional feature tells RescueTime to pay detailed attention to specific websites that you place on the whitelist. All other websites will be lumped together in a “Other Web Sites” group. You can read more about Whitelists by going to our About Whitelists page.

Support for Mac FileVault users

We have made a large number of changes to the Mac code base which should allow FileVault users to once again enjoy RescueTime.

A BIG thanks goes out to all of the users who helped us Alpha test these new features!